Weekly Drawing 3: Stippled Self Portrait


For our third weekly drawing we did a stippled version of our funny face self portraits from week 1.

Practicing Values

Our next project due Tuesday involves creating value scales in pen, marker, and graphite. Here are some practice scales I did on Tuesday and Thursday.


I never knew creating value scales required so much precision. A lot of my values are too close together, and I’ve found that it can be hard to correct. For instance, the second and third to last graphite shading blocks are too close. The third and fourth marker blocks are too close as well for shading, hatching, and stippling. On this page, I gave up on the second, third, and fourth blocks of graphite stippling. I think with more practice I’ll start to get it right.

Love Lettering

On Tuesday we turned in our final love lettering assignment in which we practiced architectural lettering by copying the lyrics to our favorite love songs. Twice before we had done this by hand and with drafting tools, but this time we used vellum and more stylized letters. Using the stylized letters was more fun, and I think these attempts came out better than the first two. I hit my guidelines more consistently, the spacing was better (approximately the height of my letters), and the lettering was neater overall.

Free hand on vellum

Free hand on vellum

Lettering without the t-square and triangle was more enjoyable, but clearly I need to use them because my lines are much straighter in the version below.

Drafted on vellum

Drafted on vellum

Architectural Lettering Day Two

Our homework for today was to practice drafting our favorite love song in three different sizes: 1/8″, 1/4″, and 3/8″.



I need to make sure I practice the particularly hard letters like M and W so that they are more consistent. I also need to make sure my letters touch the guidelines every time.

Also in class today, we practiced developing our own style of lettering. I prefer a style that elongates the stems of letters above and below the guidelines.

letter styles