Fri. 3/27/15: Weekly Drawing 10

For our tenth weekly drawing we were to draw an outdoor scene with dramatic shadows, noting the light and location of the shadows.

leaf drawing

3/26/15: Gray Scale Rendering

On Friday we turned in our gray scale renderings of our one-point perspectives. We were encouraged to think about the light source in the picture and how light appears on the objects in the room. Once I got to class, I made a few changes. I added some more dimension to the ceiling, added shadows behind the objects in the book shelves, and darkened other shadows in the picture.


Tues. 3/24: Hidden Line One-Point Perspective

For today’s class we brought in one-point perspectives based on our first magazine drawings. The purpose of this assignment was to practice drawing in the details of a room that already exists instead of having to design one from scratch.

Below is my hidden line drawing.


For Thursday’s class, I will take this drawing and add a molded ceiling, fix the chair on the right, and render the drawing.

Thurs. 3/19: Drawing a Perspective

For today’s assignment, we were to draw a one-point perspective of a room that was described to us through words and precise measurements.

First, we drew the picture plane, or the back wall of the drawing, and created a system of guidelines, from the vanishing point, to help us determine how elements would appear in perspective. We also had to consider thicknesses of window sills and walls.

Here is my drawing with guidelines behind it.

drawingaroom1For the rest of class Thursday, we used the cubes from our drawings to help us learn how to create the details of furniture pieces. Below is my practice in creating furniture.


Tues. 3/17: One and Two Point Perspectives

This was our first day back from Spring break. Today we pinned up our one and two point perspectives that we traced from magazine pictures. Tracing the furniture and the picture plane helped me figure out where the vanishing points were. The two point perspective proved a little trickier in locating vanishing points. In my one-point perspective, the couch on the right should appear more foreshortened than I drew it because it is closer to the vanishing point.

onepointperspective magtwopoint

Thurs. 3/5: Housing the Homeless Volunteer Day

On Thursday we missed class to participate in a volunteer day for the Housing the Homeless symposium hosted by the iArc department and the Center for Community-Engaged Design. I was assigned to work with Tiny Houses Greensboro to help complete some aspects of the exterior of a tiny house. I did some intermittent caulking, nailing, and priming, but I fear I was of very little help because I was not dressed in enough layers to protect me from the cold and rain of that day. Many times I had to pause and try to regain warmth.

The next day of the symposium, we attended a panel discussion of the issues surrounding housing for the homeless. We heard a lot of panel members describe their organizations’ roles in assisting the homeless of Greensboro. The thing I heard repeated most often is that people experiencing homelessness are very diverse and need different things from their housing.